New DLS & Dash SelfStore Websites!


We are so pleased to unveil the brand new Dash Logistic Services website, bringing together detailed information regarding all our logistic services in Cornwall under one umbrella.

We’ve often heard people (including customers) say something along the lines of ‘we didn’t know you also did parcel deliveries / offer business archive storage / have a meeting room for hire/ etc’.

So now you do!

Check out the new Dash Logistic Services website


We also thought it about time we updated our Dash SelfStore website, and have now recreated it on a more modern platform. We’ve made it more user-friendly, refining the online booking processes, making it quicker and easier for you to select and book the exact unit you want.

You can even easily navigate between other Dash Logistic Services sites using the grey tabs at the top!

Take a look at the new Dash SelfStore website

dash selfstore website